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I’ve been an artist my entire life working with multiple media such as; oil painting, sculpture, assemblage, photography, architecture, song writing, musical composition and more. My still art has shown in many galleries around the US. I’ve been working with video for more than 10 years. Two of my short films were shown in the 2006 Cannes Film Festival and several other venues since then. Integrating and combining media has always been a primary interest. Video has been a way for me to combine music and sound with visual imagery and motion in a very accessible medium.

Many people say they’ve never seen anything like my work. On the artistic level the media is the message; color, sound, image, pacing. On a deeper level what you experience is what your unconscious mind brings forth in response to the work. It may be comfortable or uncomfortable, beautiful or ugly. It may stimulate links to past experiences or take you to an unknown place. What comes up are different aspects of yourself. It will be different for everyone positive or negative, and different at different viewings. Whatever comes up can be useful, seen in the right light.

The connection between spirit and matter has always been important to me, Heaven and Earth, masculine feminine, Yin and Yang. The feminine is our earth, mother, and she is suffering form a lack of love, appreciation, respect, and caring. No wonder she manifests her discomfort with the effects we see today as global warming and continual global dis-ease. She is beautiful and erotic and provides us with all nurturance but we also need to recognize her darker side and appreciate that too.




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